Prusa 3D Printer Assembly Tools

We have developed a unique set of tools  designed specifically to help with the assembly of the Prusa MK3s+ printers.

Tool Kit #1

This toolkit contains the items listed below to help with assembly and ongoing maintenance of the printer.

1. Side cutting pliers - These are much easier to use than the supplied pliers for cutting cable ties and filament.

2. Mini socket wrench - Designed to tighten the M3 nyloc nuts. It can also be used to replace the printer nozzle.

3. A 2.5mm Hex key handle - This reduces finger fatigue during assembly.

4. PINDA probe height set - This allows very quick initial setting of the PINDA height.

5. Wire sheath feeders (x2) - To enable easy wire insertion into the textile sleeves.

$20 + $2 GST (email us to add this tool kit to your order)


This toolkit contains all of the items in toolkit 1 plus the addition of an Ozito electric hex driver with included hex inserts to suit the MK3s+ printers.

We recommend this type of tool as it contains a torque setting bezel which can reduce the chance of overtightening screws.

$55 + $5.50 GST (email us to add this tool kit to your order)