Why buy a 3D printer?

So you might ask why buy a 3D printer.  There are many answers to this question, but the most compelling one is that with a 3D printer you have the opportunity of total customisation of your physical things.  With a 3D printer you can print exactly what you want, when you want it and best of all it can be customised to suit you perfectly. 

Some people might buy a 3D printer because they are interesting and great fun for techies.  Others may buy one for their children to learn and experiment with.  A 3D printer can be a great problem solving and technical learning tool.  The children we have demonstrated the printers to are highly engaged and eager to learn about the different objects that can be printed and the different materials that can be used to print them.

3D printers are becoming an essential tool for many who are coming up with new product ideas.  Being able to easily print on your own printer, a new product and test its features and immediately, then refine it if necessary is invaluable.

The list of people who can make use of 3D printer technology within their own home or workplace is almost endless; Architects, Doctors, Students, Hobbyists, Inventors, Engineers, Artists and many others can utilise their own 3D printer to save time, money and help them express their creativity.

So ask yourself, do your kids need a custom name tag for their school bag? Do you want an exciting new problem solving and technical learning tool that will engage your children? Are you building a new house and want to look over the plans in 3D? Do you like building models? Do have a broken part that you cannot buy? Would you like to customise your rockets, quad copters, boats, pinball machines, model cars, etc?

Yes? then we can help you to achieve this.  Contact us and we can assist you with purchasing of a 3D printer.