Tool Kit #1

This toolkit contains the items listed below to help with assembly and ongoing maintenance of the

1. Side cutting pliers - These are much easier to use than the supplied pliers for cutting cable ties and

2. Mini socket wrench - Designed to tighten the M3 nyloc nuts. It can also be used when replacing the
printer nozzle.

3. & 4. The 2.5mm Hex key handle and the Torx key TX10/8 handle - These reduce finger fatigue during assembly.
To use these tools simply unscrew the cap and slide in your 2.5mm hex key, with the short end of the key going through the whole in the handle. Then screw the two pieces backtogether, as shown below. (Note: The handle may indicate 2mm, however the 2.5mm hex key will fit).  Follow similar process for the Tork key TX10/8 handle.

5. Wire sheath feeders (x2) - To enable easy wire insertion into the textile sleeves.
Insert the sheath feeder into the textile sleeve, as shown below. Then slide the wires into the sheath
feeder and gently slide the feeder along the textile sleeve while feeding the wires in as you go.