3D Printer Sales, Models, Prototyping, Design and More

Welcome to 3D Print Specialist.

We deal exclusively with the original Prusa Printers from Josef Prusa. Why? Because they are great quality printers and offer many technical and safety features that other printers do not have.

We can supply kit and fully assembled printers and also provide after sales support in Australia.

Alternatively, if you require something to be 3D printed and you are not yet ready to purchase your own printer, then we can print your custom designs in the filament of your choice.

Why purchase a 3D printer?

So you might ask why buy a 3D printer.  There are many answers to this question, but the most compelling one is total customisation of your physical things.  With a 3D printer you can print exactly what you want, when you want it and best of all it can be customised to suit you perfectly. 

The range of objects that can be 3D printed is  limited only by your imagination. All the items shown here used 3D printing.